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The following terms and conditions, where “the applicant” and “you” refer to the Indian e-Visa applicant seeking to fill out their e-Visa for India application through this website and the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to indian-evisaonline.org.in, are intended to safeguard everyone’s legal interests. By accessing and utilizing this website, you admit that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to the terms & conditions. To access our website and receive our service, you must comply with this requirement.

You should be aware that everyone’s legal interests are safeguarded and that our partnership with you is based on mutual trust. Please be advised that to use this service, you must agree to these terms of service.

Personal information

The following data, submitted by the user as personal data, is stored and registered in the secure database of this website:

Names, birth dates, and places, passport information, dates of issue and expiration, types of supporting papers, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, permanent addresses, cookies, computer technical information, payment history, etc.

Expection: None of your personal data is shared with or exposed to third parties.

  • when the user has expressly approved of it.
  • when it is necessary for the operation and upkeep of the website.
  • when a court order or a statute requires the disclaimer of the data.
  • when it is informed without the possibility of discrimination is possible with personal information.
  • When the submitted information must be used by when the processing of an application requires the company to use the submitted information.

The website disclaims all liability for inaccurate information.
For additional details on our rules governing confidentiality, see our Privacy Policy.

web use

This website is privately owned, all of its data and content are copyrighted, and it has no affiliation whatsoever with the Government of India. This website and all of its services are only aimed at individual use. The user agrees not to alter, copy, reuse, or download any part of this website for commercial purposes by accessing and using it. This website’s data and content are all protected by copyright.

TRAVEL AND VISA SERVICES PTY LTD is the name of the legal entity.



The following guidelines for using the website must be observed by visitors:

  • A user is not permitted to post any comments that could be seen as being derogatory or disparaging to this website, other users, or any third parties.
  • Anything that might offend the public or morality may not be published, shared, or copied by the user.
  • The user is not permitted to take any action that would infringe on the intellectual property rights or reserved rights of this website.
  • The user couldThe user is not permitted to take any action that would infringe on the intellectual property rights or reserved rights of this website.
  • The user is not permitted to partake in any illegal or criminal activity.

The user will be held accountable for any violations of the aforementioned rules or harm to a third party that occurs while using our services and will be required to pay all associated fees. In this scenario, we won’t be held accountable for the user’s activities. If a user violates our Terms and Conditions, we have the right to file a lawsuit to hold the offender accountable.

Rejection or Cancellation of the e-Visa India Application

The following actions by the petitioner are not permitted:

The applicant is not permitted to enter fictitious personal data.

  • conceal or omit any information requested during the India e-Visa registration process.
  • any required information areas on the India e-Visa application form are ignored, changed, or omitted.

If a user participates in any of the prohibited actions listed above, we reserve the right to revoke any pending visa applications, reject their registration, and delete their account and personal information from the website. We reserve the right to remove an applicant’s information from this website if their Indian e-Visa has already been approved.


Regarding Our Services

We are an Asia and Oceania-based online application service provider, and one of the services we offer is helping foreign nationals apply for e-Visas so they can go to India. Your Electronic Travel Authorization, or e-Visa, can be obtained from the Indian government with the help of our agents, who will subsequently give it to you. We will assist you in completing your application, appropriately evaluating your responses, translating material, and proofreading the text for accuracy, completeness, and grammatical and spelling mistakes. If we require any more details from you to fulfill your request, we may get in touch with you by phone or email.

You will have the chance to evaluate your submission and, if required, make adjustments. Following that, you will be required to pay for our services. After an expert has examined your visa application, it will be sent to the Indian government for approval. Most of the time, your application will be reviewed and granted in less than 24 hours if it is accepted. However, if any information is incomplete or wrong, the application may be delayed.

Temporary Termination of Employment

The following factors could lead to a temporary suspension of the website:

  • System maintenance.
  • things beyond our control that prevent the website from operating properly, such as natural catastrophes, protests, software updates, etc. things beyond our control that prevent the website from operating properly, such as natural catastrophes, protests, software updates, etc.
  • fire or an unexpected loss of electricity.
  • Service must be suspended due to modifications to the management system, technical issues, updates, or other similar causes.

Users of the website will always be given a warning before any such temporary suspensions take place, and they will not be held liable for any potential losses as a result of the suspension.

Absence of Responsibility

The only services offered by this website are the verification, evaluation, and submission of the information on the applicant’s application for an Indian e-Visa. The Government of India will decide whether to accept or reject the application. The Government of India has exclusive authority to accept or reject the application. The website or its representatives are not liable for the application’s outcome, including cancellation or denial due to incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information.


We retain the right to modify or amend the terms and conditions as well as the information on this website at any time. Any modifications will take effect right away. You also acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions and the content periodically for changes. Any modifications will take effect right away.

Law and Jurisdiction That Applies

The terms and conditions set out herein are governed by Australian law. All parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the court in any legal actions.


We help with the submission of the visa application for India. This excludes any suggestions for immigration from any nation.

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