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Our approach is designed to be customer-friendly. Our company is transparent about its approach to data acquisition. We are quite open about the fact that we gather personal data, how it is gathered, and how it is utilized.

Until a person’s visa application is finished and the conclusion is known, we do not identify them using the personal information we gather.

By utilizing this website, you accept the terms & conditions of the Privacy Policy. Your information is protected by us using the highest industry standards; it is never shared, sold, or given to a third party.

Information concerning users that we collect

We must gather the following data at the moment the application is submitted:

  • Information that appears on your passport’s biographical page.
  • Information about your age, your family, your spouse, and your parents
  • Your face in a picture.
  • The scan of your passport.
  • Information about your medical procedure if you are traveling on a medical visa.
  • Information about the Indian organization being visited, if traveling on a business visa a referee from your country of origin.
  • dates of arrival in India and the purpose of the visit.


You have given this data so that we can process the correctly. These details are necessary for the immigration officers appointed by the Indian government to conduct background checks and decide whether to grant you an Indian visa, depending on the type of visa you need. Keep in mind that the Government of India and the pertinent authorities have sole discretion over the application’s outcome. No intermediary, including ourselves, has the authority to predict how your application for an India visa will turn out.

When applicants submit this information on the Indian Visa Application Form on this website, it is kept in a security-hardened, encrypted database that is kept up to the highest standards and in a cutting-edge, secure data center.

We make every attempt to follow the most recent industry best practices to protect the information you supply.

You provide us with the following information, all of which is treated in the strictest confidentiality by us and is individually identifiable. We also think that this information’s classification is quite delicate. Your criminal history, your first and middle names, your family name, your parent’s names, your spouse’s data, your marriage status, a face photo, a passport scan copy, references from your home country, and references from India are among the information of this type. Plus, The Indian government’s immigration officers will also inquire about your travels, dates of arrival and exit from India, gender, race, entry port into India, and any other incidental information they deem necessary.


To help you apply for an Indian visa, we may request the following papers at the Government of India’s request. You must have these papers for your Indian visa application to be approved. The following documentation may be needed and requested but is not limited to: your regular passport or travel document, any photo ID, your resident card, a birth certificate as proof of date of birth, your visiting card, a letter of invitation, proof of funds, a police report for passport loss, and any letters from your parents delegating authority. The aim of requesting this documentation is to ensure that your trip to India goes smoothly.

The Indian government needs this information to determine whether you qualify for an Indian Eiswein decision on a visa. Make sure you are well informed and that you won’t be turned away at the airport or when entering India.


We reserve the right to use data from our online analytics platform, which can gather information about the browser being used so that we can offer the best quality of service for the most widely used browsers, the location from which you have come so that we can create content specifically for your interests, and how our research-development policy is being informed by the kind of device being utilized.

To improve our website, we also gather data like your operating system & IP address. This safeguards us against malicious activity and denial-of-service attacks. To provide Indian Visa users with a better and more improved user experience, we maintain the client at the center of our analytics policy.

The “How” of using the personal data that was gathered

The following uses, among others, will be made of the personal information mentioned in this privacy statement for the Indian Visa Application Form:

An application for an Indian visa is processed:

The main goal of gathering this data is to enable us to process your application for an Indian visa. This information is provided to the appropriate official Indian government officials so they can review it and decide how to proceed with your visa application.

The Indian Government’s officials have the sole discretion and final say over whether to accept or reject your application


We utilize the data we collect to be able to inform applicants of the status of their application for an Indian visa. Any additional information needed by the Indian government to make a decision must also be shared with you during the India visa application process. Checking who is your primary contact in India, the hotel where you’ll stay in India, the people who will be traveling with you, and the major cause for your trip are a few of these reasons.

For us to effectively communicate with you about the results of your application and any statuses, answer any inquiries, clear up any ambiguities, and reply to queries.

The disclosure of personal details

Please be aware that we do not provide your contact information to any of our sister organizations or third parties.


All information that is gathered that is of a non-personally identifiable kind is gathered to enhance the user experience and better offer the products to the consumers since we strive hard to improve the customer experience. To enhance the user experience, we must gather specific data, analyze it using a variety of applications, and make better decisions about how to distribute the software and internet channel to our consumers.


The gathering of this data is essential to our online presence, services, and dedication to our customers. We take satisfaction in offering customers from around the world the most straightforward Indian Visa online portal. The delivery of Indian visas around the globe has undergone Management and deletion of personal information.


By GDPR, you can ask us to delete your data at any time. We reserve the right to delete any data we have electronically collected about you at your request. You should be aware that we are unable to remove information that we are compelled by law to maintain for any reason, regardless of the cause, or that we are obligated to keep by law.

Data Storage by this platform

We utilize data encryption, cryptographic keys, and best-in-class security procedures, such as OWASP’s Top 10 Web Application Firewall, to reduce the likelihood of theft, loss, or misuse of your data. Revolution thanks to this international platform. We have obliged ourselves to promise strong security controls in place to ensure that your data is unaltered and auditable.

Respect for the Law

We must abide by a variety of rules, laws, statutes, and regulations to function within the legal framework established by various governmental entities. We could face an audit, a court case, or an investigation. As a result, we might have to disclose this information to comply with a court order or other legal requirements.

Another purpose for using this data

This data can be used to enforce our cookie policy and check for compliance with our terms and conditions. We can use this information to safeguard ourselves against any fraudulent behavior. the disclosure of private information

Your information is not given to any third parties, affiliate companies, middlemen, or marketing organizations. Only under certain conditions is this personal information shared

We must share your information with the Government of India’s immigration officer so that they can decide whether to approve your application for an Indian visa. Your Indian visa will not be issued if this information exchange is not done. The Indian government must process all applications for Indian visas and will usually make a decision within 72 hours, or 3 business days, stating whether your application has been approved, granted, or denied.

The legal requirement for exchanging information

When you submit your application for an Indian visa on, you accept that we are obligated by law to provide personal information to the appropriate authorities if required by law. These statutes and rules may be found in India or other nations that the applicant for an India visa does not now call home.

We may have to utilize this personal information to enforce our Terms and Conditions, protect our rights, respond to government officials, comply with court orders, follow legal procedure, safeguard our IP rights, protect our rights, as well as limit or reduce any damages we might sustain.

Strong security measures are in place to guarantee the integrity, auditability, and traceability of your personal information. We have multiple layers of security procedures in place, from the application to the data center, to make sure that your information cannot be altered without leaving a trace and that only authorized security employees to have access to it.

To protect sensitive information, we have both physical security measures and technological controls in place. We remove any information that is no longer pertinent, following our software’s retention policy. Our data storage policy is available upon request.

According to the records-keeping legislation and archive policy, your data may be retained for up to five years. We must obey several rules and function within a legal framework.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure your computer or mobile device is secure before submitting an online application for an India visa. We won’t be able to secure your data if the malware is already on your device. We make sure that your information is transported securely. Your visa for India’s data is encrypted both when it is at rest and when it is being transferred from one software component to another, including from your computer to our website and from there to the backend.

Modifications to this Privacy Statement

Changes to this Privacy Policy may be required by law, our terms and conditions, our response to governmental legislation, and other considerations. This Privacy Policy is a living, evolving document, and we reserve the right to make changes to it at any time. We might or might not inform you know about these modifications.

The modifications made to this privacy policy take effect immediately after this document is published, and they are instantaneous.

The users are in charge of making sure they are mindful of this privacy policy. When you completed the Indian Visa Application Process, we requested you acknowledge our Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Before submitting your application and payment to us, you have the chance to read, review, and provide us feedback on our Privacy Policy.

You may contact us

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us. Users’ comments, ideas, suggestions, and suggestions for improvement are all appreciated. We are eager to make improvements to the platform, which is already the best in the world for obtaining an Indian visa online.

No immigration advice given

Please be aware that giving immigration advice needs permission or authorization from the appropriate authorities. We represent you and submit your application after professional review; we do not offer you immigration advice for any nation, including India, in connection with your visa application.

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