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The government of India has introduced the electronic travel authorization, or e-Visa for India, which enables visitors from 180 countries to enter India without having their passports physically stamped.

Since 2014, visitors from outside India are no longer need to obtain a typical paper Indian e-visa in order to enter the country, saving them the inconvenience of doing so. The Indian e-visa can now be ordered electronically online without having to visit an Indian embassy or consulate.

The e-Visa for India is not only the easiest way to apply for a e-visa online, but it is also the fastest way to enter India.

What is electronic Indian Visa (India e-Visa)?

The Indian government issues e-Visas to those who want to come to India for both business and vacation.

The classic e-Visa is being replaced by an electronic version that will be saved on your smartphone (smartphone or tablet). Foreigners can enter the nation with no effort at all if they have an e-Visa.

About Us

This is a personal website that offers our online users online application services that include assistance with their applications to authorize electronic trips for trips to India. We provide language translations, check applications, cleric services, and file format conversion. We don’t offer immigration guidance that requires licenses. This website is managed by Travel and Visa Services Pty Ltd which applies to online visa services through our website simplifying the process and facilitating applicants. This is due to the fact that our agents assist users applying for online visa services by assisting them in filling out their application forms, reviewing their responses, possibly translating information for them, and checking everything for exactness, comprehensiveness, and grammatical and spelling errors. In case of further required information is missing, our e-Visa experts make sure to contact the client directly. After the applicant finishes filling out their application form, an immigration expert in the overall review before finally submitting it to the Indian government for approval. Using our experience when completing your online application assures that it is error-free, which is vital if you want the best outcomes. The Indian government makes the ultimate decision regarding whether or not to grant the application.

Most applications will be processed and granted in less than 48 hours unless some documentation has been omitted or submitted incorrectly in which case the application may be delayed. However, we will follow up on all applications and provide information to clients. After the Indian government approves the application for online visa services, the client will receive the same thing via email, more information about it and tips for using it.

Our agents can assist candidates with their immigration cases whenever and wherever they need it because we are based in Australia & Oceania. Our website is personal and is not affiliated with the Indian government. In addition to receiving assistance and direction with your application and having it reviewed by our experienced staff, applying for an e-visa through our website rather than the Indian government’s website has other advantages. We charge a little for the services we provide.

In this regard, if you have any doubts, please kindly reach out to our help desk. 

Our charges

Type of e-Visa Total fees (including translation and review)
Tourist 30 day
Tourist 1 year
Tourist 5 years
Medical Attendant

The visa application process

On our user-friendly website, applying for an online visa is a fairly straightforward process regardless of whether you need a tourist e-visa, business e-visa, medical e-visa, or medical attendant e-visa. We also care about the safety and privacy of our clients and thus only use the latest and most reliable technology so that the whole application process, including payment, is safe.

Why Choose Us

The Services We Provide As Compared to Embassy

Assurance of confidentiality and security throughout the procedure

2.5% fewer bank transaction fees overall

Submit of information securely and privately

24/7 Service and Help

Email recovery of an electronic visa should the applicant have misplaced it

Evaluation of any other necessary data

Application submission simplifying

Can enroll online 365 days per year, 24/7.

No deadline

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